hello, mamago

mamago, 120 fenchurch street, ec3m 5ba

we’ll be back

after a great first few months, mamago is temporarily closed

thank you to everyone who has visited us so far – our bowl to soul, ready to roll noodle and juice bar will reopen soon, bigger and better than ever

by wagamama

we're wagamama's little sister
more upstart, less sit-down
we want you to notice - and taste - your lunch again. to pause for a couple of minutes or so, and to eat well. it's lunch hour, not rush hour.

find us

mamago at fenchurch street

our first store is located near london's famous fenchurch street station

zen with zip it's lunch hour, not rush hour joyful nourishment
zen with zip it's lunch hour, not rush hour joyful nourishment

mamago's ethos

not so fast...

you can't order an okonomiyaki by leaning out of a car window. you won't see our food loitering under heat-lamps. and you'll never hear a microwave ping. 'convenience' doesn't belong in our kitchen.

we treat time like any other ingredient: with care

so we'll make your food when you order it and not before. give us around four minutes. not long, but long enough for us to get going, then it will be in your hands. fresh

our ethos
our food

but how does it taste?

we’ve worked hard to turn some of wagamama’s most-loved dishes into recipes that help you eat well when you don’t have time to eat in.

but our chef and nutritionist are foodies above all else. so even when we were tweaking our chicken katsu, taste came first. it had to be healthy, filling and taste great – if it lacked any one of those, we went back to the chopping board

takeaway doesn't mean throw away

our bowls are 95% card (with the Forest Stewardship Council’s seal of approval) and the lining’s made out of starch. so if you have the right recycling set-up at your office – they’re completely compostable

mamago is powered by renewable electricity and our straws are biodegradable. we’ll keep looking at the things we can do – big and small – to reuse more and waste less

not in great britain?

it looks like you are in the usa, would you like to visit the http://www.wagamama.us website?

no, continue to the great britain website