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who are mental health mates?

founded by mental health advocate bryony gordon. mental health mates provide a network of free walks to create a safe space to walk and talk about mental health without fear of judgement.
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open mouths. open minds

we have teamed up with bryony gordon to discuss topics surrounding mental health as well as provide information and tips on managing your mental well-being

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mindful blogs

where we hear the thoughts and experiences from a range of mental health mates ambassadors

in our latest blog, lucy sheridan tells us how to reclaim our focus and gain the confidence to stay in our own lane this year

lucy is the world’s first and only comparison coach, with books including ‘the comparison cure’ and ‘how to be less them and more you'
lucy sheridan | mental health mates blog
lucy sheridan

our commitment

we have committed to donate £60,000 to mental health mates to help grow the number of walks across the UK. more walks mean more people having opening up and talking about mental health.
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our work so far

since 2017 we have been working to raise awareness of mental health and the importance of speaking up. read more about our past work here.

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