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sra and proud

we are members of the sustainable restaurant association; an important organisation focused on 3 key areas of sourcing, society and environment. we are on an exciting journey towards becoming a more and more sustainable business, and we’re proud of what we have achieved so far. but, with the expert help and support of the sra the road ahead is getting greener by the day.
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committed to high welfare

we’re proud to have made the european chicken commitment, a new set of standards improving the welfare + living environment of chickens farmed for meat. these standards will be achieved throughout our europe supply chain by 2026
wagamama chicken standards

grey is the new black

we've turned our iconic take-out bowls from black to grey. why? because you told us, there’s a number of u.k. councils that don't recycle black plastic. we wanted to make sure that once you’ve slurped that last noodle, your bowl will go to the right place

remember our takeout bowls also make great lunch boxes, plant pots, storage containers or even space helmets. use your imagination and share with us on social!

card, off the table

while we were at it, we removed the cardboard sleeves we used to use to indicate what’s inside your bowl. replacing them with small card discs that slot perfectly into centre of each lid

you’ll still be able to tell your gyoza from your buns, your yaki soba from your chicken ramen, your katsu curry from your teriyaki donburi. only with 70% less waste
less waste

happy eggs

the humble egg is a staple of japanese cuisine. from soba noodles, to tea stained eggs, fried eggs, and japanese mayo. we’re proud to say 100 percent of all the eggs we source, in every form, are free-range. they are also sourced from high welfare chickens. because we are proud to have pledged to the better chicken commitment. an initiative that champions better welfare standards for chickens
free range eggs

cleaner greener energy

after you’ve re-fuelled, we create fuel. so next time you’re tucking in to sizzling noodles, spare a thought for the oil it was cooked in. last year, we turned 1 million litres of used oil into bio-diesel fuel. in fact, not only do we contribute to making green energy, we run on it. all of our restaurants are powered by renewable electricity
wok fried greens being cooked in wagamama kitchen
create fuel

watch your waste

we hope our ramen gives you the energy you need to fuel your day. but did you know it gives us energy to fuel our kitchens too? at wagamama we do that by turning our leftovers into power. waste food in our restaurants gets carted away and put into an anaerobic digester which turns it into sustainable energy. now, we’re working on ways to recycle everything else
wok fried greens being cooked in wagamama kitchen
noodle energy

the last straw

the disposal of single-use plastic is causing major, long term damage to our precious planet so we’re asking you to turn your slurp into a sip. our teams will no longer be serving drinks with straws with the exception of fresh juices, which by earth day this year will be served with biodegradable paper straws. so you can order a clean green with the assurance you won’t end up with a green moustache while knowing you’re making a greener choice
wagamama juice with out plastic straws
paper straws

a lot of watts

lighting is so much more than simple illumination. it's mood, warmth and ambience... important elements of a relaxing dining experience. we're switching all the lighting across our restaurants to energy efficient leds, carefully selected to keep us all bathed in a nice warm glow. we're not quite there yet, but little by little we're getting it done, the kaizen way
wagamama lighting
efficient lighting

even more watts

then there's the question of our extractor fans. they do an essential job of course, but they gobble up the kilowatts like nobody's business. which is why we’ve invested in some clever little devices that regulate the amount of electricity the extractors use depending on the level of cooking activity. now our restaurants use is reduced by 10%
wagamama kitchen lighting and electricity
extractor fans

recycling, a virtuous circle

buy a take-out from us and you can rest assured that once you've wolfed down that delicious food, the packaging can all be recycled. every last bit. we also recycle about 1260 tonnes of cardboard boxes every year, and every single glass bottle
wagamama recyclable take-out packaging

water works

we’ve saved 28 million litres of water by installing clever water regulating systems in all of our restaurants to save unnecessary water flow. using infrared technology they detect movement. that way, when our washrooms are empty, water flow is extremely low. when they are in use, the flow is regulated to what is actually needed
chef cooking in wagamama kitchen with wok
saving water

help us grow

if you'd like to get involved and help us develop an even more ecologically sensitive organisation, then we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.
close up on water dripping off salad leaves
thoughts and ideas

our sustainability journey

here you can watch a short video on our journey so far

wagamama edamame beans sustainability
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